Prague Wedding Photographer

About wedding photography

Introduction to my wedding services

My approach to wedding photography is simple. I like to photograph emotions during the wedding day, I like those significant moments that the bride & groom share without saying any single word. I am trying to catch these moments as well I can.

… of course sometimes a little help is needed to create these moments :)

Availibility & Reservations

Hurry up because in spite of the fact that most of the wedding dates in 2011 are already booked there are still a few available ones! If necessary I can recommend another professional photographer to you. In any case I’m sure we’ll find a solution for you and your specific needs! ;)

But if you really want to be sure to have me at your wedding make your reservation on time. I am accepting reservations for 2012 and later. Make your booking as soon as possible!


At this moment there is no price list online. Please contact me for price quotes.

My Recommendations

There are many professionals in the business. Sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish who is good and who is better. In my opinion these people are true professionals in what they do.


@Gianfranco: “Lukas is a great photographer. He is able to take the best from every situation, and when situation seems to go wrong like a rainy day he can transform this problem in a opportunity to make the pictures more suggestive, different and magic. He also have the touch to capture with his shooting the emotions of the couple. In the end we are very happy he shoot our wedding.”

@Ewe: “one word: amazing”

@Ondrej: “Lukas is a top-notch wedding photographer.”


  • Q: Do you work alone or with an assistant ?

    A: In most cases I work alone. There are some weddings I need assistance at.

  • Q: What type of camera do you use ?

    A: I use a Canon professional system. Two Canon 5D mk II camera bodies and several L class professional lenses. I also use Canon flash system and Pocket Wizards to remote control the flashes but I am huge fan of available light :)

  • Q: For how long have you been photographing weddings ?

    A: I did over one hundred weddings in a 3 year experience and I’m still counting. Read more about me.

  • Q: Do you photoshop all your images ?

    A: Short answer: No, I don’t. But every photo needs to be adjusted at least a little bit. My workflow briefly – I use Aperture for management and basic adjustments and Photoshop for advanced manipulations and retouching. I can tell your more about my workflow when we meet.

  • Q: We have a wedding in July next year, when should we book the date?

    A: As soon as possible. Really. For favorite dates I’ve got booking for several months ahead, sometime years ahead.