Prague Wedding Photographer

About me

Short super secret biography

Born on 6th of May, 1980 in a small city near Zlin, Czech republic. Raised in Vsetin (yes, I am a proud walachian :]). Now living in Prague and Brno.

A photographer

I did my first photo as a kid on father’s analogue camera Praktica. Then a many years nothing special happends about photography, except I wanna studied photography. At the end they canceled the program so I decided to be a gardener :). A few years after graduating the school I bought my first compact digital camera. It all begans here. After a few months I bought my first DSLR. I shot a portraits and fashion shows only.

Shooting weddings was never on my agenda until friends started asking me to shoot their wedding based solely on my fashion and photojournalistic approach. In 2006 my friend asked me to shoot her friend’s wedding. I replied yes absolutely without knowing what to expect. It ends quite well and I found myself that I love such a challange. I continued with shooting portraits. Next year 2007 I did 3 weddings per year, 2008 I did 11 weddings per year. 2009 it was over 40 weddings per year and the numbers are increasing.


Bronze Award in IPA 2010 Wedding category